Foreign Students Cell
Gujarat Technological University

Important Information for ICCR Scholars:

Procedure to Re-start Scholarship after detention

ICCR does not pay scholarship for the year in which the International student is detained. So, after completing their detention, when the International Student rejoins his/her respective institute, he has to apply for renewal / continuation of his scholarship. ICCR will ask for GTU letter for re-starting of scholarship for detained students and it will not consider student’s application directly.
Following is the process for re-starting the scholarship
1) Student has to write application in the format given below to GTU and forward it through his/her institute mentor.
2) Along with student’s application, the institute has to issue a certificate / letter stating with his grade history that now the student is a regular student in ___ semester in _____ Academic year.
3) Student’s application, Institute letter and student’s grade history should be submitted to International Student Cell – GTU. It can be submitted in hardcopy at GTU campus , Chandkheda or softcopy (scanned) can be mailed to
4) On receipt of this application, and after verification, GTU will inform ICCR about re-starting of scholarship.

Procedure to get Bonafide Certificate

International student who needs Bonafide Certificate as students of the University, should write an application to The Registrar, GTU with subject as - “Bonafide certificate for International Student”, clearly mentioning the purpose/reason, his/her name, enrollment number, Batch (admission year), and their institute, Current semester / year, Passport No. Passport Issue Date and valid till, Visa No. Visa Issue date and Valid Till.

On receiving the application, International Student Cell – GTU, will prepare Bonafide Certificate and it will inform the institute mentor to collect it whenever the Certificate is ready.